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What is the best way to store brimly hats? 

To maintain the shape of your brimly hat, stuff the crown with neutral colored tissue or regular paper. The safest place to store your hat is in its original box or a hat box, somewhere dry. 

What is the best way to take on/off a brimly hat? 

It is best to take the hat on and off by holding the brim, instead of the crown of the hat. 

How can I clean the hat? 

Brimly hats should be spot cleaned only. Use a slightly damp cloth. Do not use anything other than water to dampen the cloth. Do not submerge in water. 

My hat is not completely symmetrical, is that normal? 

Yes! Brimly hats are made, or "blocked" in hatmaking terms, to be on the softer side so they fit comfortably on your babe's head. We could stiffly block each hat so that every hat had an identical shape, but that would not be cute or comfortable. Instead, the method we use results in a softer hat that takes on a personality of it's own as it is made. And it will change over time, just like your little one! The flow of the brim, and shape of the crown are part of what gives each hat a life and personality.