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Our Process

Each brimly hat has a long journey before landing on your little lady's head! In fact, there are so many steps that we'd be here all day if we detailed them all, but we will share the highlights with you. 
First, we search far and wide for attributes that make a great hat. How snugly should it fit? How long should the brim be to protect your little one the most without getting in the way? What shape crown? We gather the elements that will make the very best hat, and we use that to design a mold, or in the millinery aka, hatmaking world, a die. The die allows us to shape the hat to our exact specifications. Our milliners use steam and strength to press each hat, giving it a shape. 
Then it's time to search for fabric. We look for unique prints and textures that will make our hats, and your little ladies, look their very best. We look, touch, and feel thousands upon thousands of different fabrics and trims before making our final selections. But the process is not done yet! We hand cut the fabric to make the band and bow. And we use a super-soft, stretchy terrycloth inner sweatband, so your little lady will be cool and comfy in her brimly hat no matter how hot the weather.
The result of the brimly process is distinctive and glamourous headwear that will transform your little one into a warm weather fashion wonder and keep the compliments coming all summer long.